A little about me.

“ Welcome ”

I live in beautiful Nelson, British Columbia nestled in the Selkirk Mountains.

I am a huge supporter and advocate for open source software, open data and creative commons.

I am a Machine Learning enthusiast.

When I’m not interfacing with various web development languages, API's, Javascript libraries, I’m a musician, an avid adventure cyclist, and a dad to my sassy daughter. I love pretty much any activity that requires a little suffering outdoors to make me feel alive.


My academics.

Background Story.

Fresh out of high school I had no plans. I worked for awhile and realized I wanted to do more work outside. The natural choice was to attend a school dedicated to natural resource education which landed me in Lindsay, Ontario. My original plans changed as I entered my second semester at Sir Sandford Fleming College. My naive plans to save the world were given a serious reality check when I realized what made our Canadian economy tick.

After years of working in the silviculture branch of forestry I felt I needed a change. I relocated to the West Kootenays to attend school and that landed me at Selkirk College where I studied Computer Information Systems which led to my first IT job as a webmaster for Kaslo Info Net and later landed me a job with the British Columbia Provincial Government using Geographic Information Systems for analysis of resource based problems.

Selkirk College- 1999 - 2002
Computer Information Systems

Nestled in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada I decided to learn a wide range of topics about computer information systems. My favourite courses were fourth generation languages, my object oriented programming classes, web development, databases and my project classes.

Sir Sandford Fleming College- 1991 - 1995
Integrated Resource Management Technician

Once upon a time I wanted to be a biologist, move the Yukon and study the Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis). I ended up taking a different route and this is where I learned a great deal about resource extraction and management, ecosystem dynamics and an introduction to GIS (Geographic Information Systems).


Work Experience.
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations - 2014 - Present
Geomatics Technician

• Provide training and guidance to other staff on the use of GIS software and applications.
• Verify and check input data to ensure continuity, integrity and compliance with standards.
• Create and maintain spatial and attribute databases used in Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.
• Populate, update and maintain linkages between databases as information becomes available.

Selkirk College - 2014
Research Assistant

• Maintained full stack GIS web mapping and reporting application.
• Contributed to internal electronic documentation (wiki) for developers and users.
• Produced spatial products, terrain models, graphics, and descriptive statistics.

Twig Technologies - 2013 - 2017
Sole Proprietor

• Providing web development, design and maintenance to small and medium sized businesses.
• IT and web consulting.
• Computer maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Freelance Application Developer - 2011 - 2013
Web Developer

• Researched, recommended and implemented full stack web map application.
• Compiled, managed, and digitized source information to create various data products.

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations - 2012 - 2013
Spatial Information Analyst

• Presented web mapping content at GIS hackathon.
• Conducted and automated complex analysis through advanced python scripting and model builder.
• Created automated mapping tool for use by clients.
• Refactored corporate Python scripts.

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations - 2010 - 2011
Recreation Technician

• Maintaining the recreation resources inventory and ensured recreational database integrity.
• Fostered and maintained links with recreation partners for efficient maintenance of sites and trails.
• Provided advice regarding program purchases to carry out maintenance program.
• Monitored and managed contracts, received and confirmed goods and services, and certified release of payment on satisfactory performance.
• Managed budget and acted as spending authority for purchasing supplies, materials, and contracted services.
• Reviewed financial records of managing partners.

Integrated Land Management Bureau - 2001 - 2010
Spatial Information Analyst

• Conducted advanced analysis on a variety of complex planning issues and decision making projects.
• Lead technical projects to support research and planning activities.
• Conceptualized, designed and developed advanced analysis integrating data from a diverse range of sources.
• Adhered to data management policies, procedures, systems and standards.
• Coordinated and managed various projects and contracts for clients.
• Created and managed metadata for the BC government corporate metadata system for geographic data.
• Planned and used resources to meet operational requirements for the successful delivery of projects.
• Planned, organized and implemented GIS training sessions for clients and staff.

Kaslo Info Net (Co-op Term) - May 2000 - September 2000

~ Backed up web server on a daily basis.
~ Updated existing websites for non-profit groups
~ Designed and created websites using straight HTML.
~ Created front end web application for Kootenay Lake B&B members.
~ Supervised and delegated tasks to two employees.

My past experience

I've spent the majority of my career with the BC public service working in the Geographic Information Systems world.

My background as a webmaster and hobby doing web development as led me to having a freelance business outside of my day job. I combine my GIS and web development skills to create web sites and interactive web maps with expertise in back end web development.


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